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Helping you shape your customer’s brand experience and setting you apart as an authority with a better marketing approach.

Hi, I’m Ben Toalson

Thanks for visiting! I am a designer and artist who has a passion for branding and content marketing. I’ve seen firsthand the value of giving careful thought to each interaction a person will have with your brand. I’ve experienced the power of using well crafted content to position yourself as an authority and instill trust in your customers. My goal is work with you to infuse brand and marketing principles that will not only make your organization more profitable, but will allow it to grow and thrive for years to come.


Brand Consulting

Every interaction a customer has with your company shapes the perception of your brand. I can examine each point of contact with your brand, measure the effectiveness of each touch, and give you guidance for how to intentionally shape your customers’ brand perception.

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Content Marketing

Sharing valuable, relevant content is one of the most powerful techniques for reaching customers and clients. I can help you outline an effective content marketing plan that will help your company be more profitable and establish long term trust and loyalty with your customers.

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Design & Development

Not only can I help you with your marketing strategy, I can also help with implementation. I have years of experience in design and development and can work collaboratively or independently to deliver the quality and effectiveness your brand deserves.

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Recent Articles

What Is Content Marketing?

You may have heard about content marketing, but you’re not sure what it is or how/if it works. For businesses trying to keep up with consumer buying habits and trends, marketing can feel like a moving target. Content marketing is more than just a new approach. It is a... read more

Your Brand Does Not Belong to You and Why it Matters

Your brand does not belong to you. At least, not in the way you think it does. In the beginning your brand started as an idea in your own mind. Your brand was something you perceived based on your personal values, your product, the industry in which you would sell... read more

Scaling Your Business By Investing In Your Home Team

The Power of Delegating When it comes to growing your business, much of what we hear has to do with employing people or resources to do the busy work so you can focus on doing what only you can do. As a father of 5 trying to get my business up and running, I... read more

Strategies to Prevent Losing Time and Money on a Project

I wanted to take a few moments to share some strategies with you that I have found extremely valuable when approaching the question of whether or not to take on a project. We humans, by nature, are bad estimators. I’ve seen this show up time and time again for... read more

Turning Your Rut Into a Groove With Better Scheduling

An Old Record Player I really like this imagery… imagine an old record player, and on it a record. Maybe you’ve never seen one except in the movies. One of the many reasons this method of playing music gave way to newer technologies was because of this... read more

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